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Audiunt Electi  Digital hearing amplification devices is available with powerful rechargeable technology.  It's easy to use, quick to charge and can be used for up to a full 20 hours hearing.

Audiunt Electi digital hearing amplifier feature 10 level noise reduction, 12 bands frequency shaping technology, and adaptive feedback control which all helps provide excellent sound quality. It's small, comfortable, and very discreet.
The  Electi hearing amplification devices have a program switch with an indicator light to let you know if it's on or off. It can be charged either by plugging the charger into a wall socket or your computer for convenience. It also has an indicator light to let you know your device is fully charged.

The Electi hearing amplifiers give you up to 20 hours of hearing time on a single charge (never run out of or buy batteries again). Fully charged in only 6 hours. 
To ensure that our hearing amplification devices are right for you, we give you all the Audiological measurement data for our amplifiers so that you can get the one that suits your situation best. See our Measurement and Specification tabs for more details.

We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy with it. All our hearing devises can also be bought on flexible payment terms right at checkout, just choose Klarna payment.

Patient Features
 Portable charger case
 Indicator lights for battery

What's included:

    2x Audiunt Electi hearing amplification devices are assembled with Size 2 Thin Sound Tube and Medium Magic Ear Dome

    1 Charging base

    1 Mini-USB port 

    Size 1 Thin Sound Tubes for smaller fitting requirements 

    3 Sizes Open and Closed-Ear Domes - S, M, L

    1 Clear English User Manual

    1 Cleaning Brush (for ear domes), 1 Cleaning Wire (for thin tubes)


      100% Digital Processing

      Open-fit design

      4 channels WDRC amplifier

      Dual Directional microphone

      Front microphone input

      Rear microphone input

      Memory Switch with built-in red indicator light

      Volume Control

      Charging contacts on charging base

      Wake up button

      Bluetooth is optional

      Digital Processing 4 channels WDRC amplifier 12 bands frequency shaping Widebands MPO 10 bands LNR Layered Noise Reduction Directional Microphone AFC Adaptive Feedback Cancellation 4 memories provided Low battery warning Low power consumption
      Housing Design Open-fit
      Volume Control Rocker-type
      Memory Switch Yes, with LED indicator
      Telecoil no
      WDRC-Channels | Bands 4 | 12
      Directional Processing Yes
      MPO limiting Yes
      Noise control
      Noise Reduction Strength 1|2|3|4
      Low-level Expansion Yes
      Layered Noise Reduction-Channels 10
      Feedback Management AFC (Adaptive Feedback Control
      Functional feature
      Fully flexible programs 4
      Low battery warning yes
      Switch tone yes

      Peak OSPL90(dB SPL) 120
      OSPL90-HFA(dB SPL) 110
      Peak Gain(dB) 50
      HFA/FOG(dB) 45
      Reference Test Gain(dB) 35
      Frequency Range(Hz) 500-5500
      Harmonic Distortion
      @500Hz(%) 3
      @800Hz(%) 3
      @1600Hz(%) 3
      EQ Input NOISE(dB) 30
      Battery Size Ni-MH
      Battery Current (mA) 1

      */IEC118-7/94 (HA2-2CC Coupler) Data may be subject to change with
      product refinement

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