Face Masks to protect you and help limit the spread of coronavirus

In order to help limit the spread of coronavirus, face masks and cloth coverings have increasingly become part of our daily attire. The CDC recommends wearing a face covering when you're in crowded public places many state have already made them mandatory to wear or carry in places where social distancing isn't possible, like the supermarket. 

Why? To protect yourself and your loved ones and to help slow the spread of the coronavirus . With the shortage of N95 masks and surgical face masks, cloth coverings are the next best option. Non medical masks may not prevent you from acquiring COVID-19, which is why other precautions are so important.If making your own face mask or face covering at home isn't for you, we have a selection on nonmedical face masks. 

 We stock nonmedical face mask for every occasion. The quality is excellent and ventilation is great. Material is soft, comfortable to wear.

Air Purification anti dust masks

We have Anti-dust masks to protect the face and avoiding being sunburned. The three-dimensional design ensures comfort and allows the user to breathe easy. High quality Anti-pollution bicycle cycling Face Mask and mouth-muffle with filter. With activated charcoal filter, filters out exhaust emissions Ventilation Holes on Mouth, Soft and comfortable to wear.

Womens Sun hat and face mask - perfect for summer

Summer Hat with Detachable Wide Brim Mask. The ventilation design is unique. Material is soft, comfortable to wear. It protects the skin. With a veil to protect the face, neck, and head, avoiding being sunburned in summer. It is cool to wear comfortably and breathable.

Multi-functional breathable outdoor masks

Balaclava - Full Face Masks for the ultimate protection

Balaclava Full Face Mask to protect you for Sun and wind, dust and pollution, snow and rain.


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