Fold and Go Foldable Mobility Scooter For Adults

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Best thing to happen to me

 I have problems with standing and walking and so I'm in the house all the time. Only going to store that have mobile chairs. I'm also raising a granddaughter and I don't get out with her. But since I purchased the ZooMe3 I'm able to go any store and now I get out with the grandbaby and I ride while she skates. It's simply wonderful.

daladywiz, August 15, 2019

Great ride

I bought this scooter after I fell and broke my shoulder and now use it regularly when I have to walk a lot....I have had many people from all over that stopped me to look it over...I just went to Disney World 3 times this last month and I could have sold it over and over lol...I have 2 of them. Comes in handy for a friend to use when they travel with us. 

Honeybear, October 25, 2019

Very happy with the product 

This scooter appears to be substantial and well made. It gives a smooth ride and the throttle is responsive, it also goes a decent speed. I didn't find the manual very helpful, it doesn't tell you basic things, like how to switch the headlight on (a turn of the key) . My one critism I think a person familiar with the product should assemble the scooter and test it out for you to make sure everything works as it should. An hour's training would go a long way towards customer satisfaction

. PatDee, April 6, 2019

Medicare will pay for Scooter / Walker / Rollator if doctor prescribed.
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Medicare Walker Coverage - YES, Medicare Pays for Walkers
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