Tips to make your Black Friday shopping Safe and Secure

Black Friday is the single busiest shopping day of the year. 

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2018 consumers spent an average of $313.29 on gifts and other holiday items over the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. 

Elderly Central offers these tips to make your Black Friday shopping experience safe and secure… and maybe even enjoyable :-)

  1. Start with a list of items you are looking for and figure out how much you can afford to spend… and stick to it!
  2. Read the fine print. Be cautious of companies that boast a high percentage off; the item may be “75% off,” but the original price could be inflated. Elderly Central always strives to deliver the best products at the best value. We don't inflate pricing to offer seemingly huge discounts to trick our customers or other consumers.
  3. Finance options, if the online store offers it use it, Elderly Central offers 0% financing through our partner Klarna
  4. Sign-up for email alerts. Many stores release their best Black Friday deals and discounts to people who have subscribed to their emails. 
  5. Do your research. Read product reviews on extremely discounted items. It could be a cheaper model or brand advertised, and not what you initially think you’re getting.
  6. Check for Better Business Profiles of the online stores you want to visit and read what other customers’ have experienced.  
  7. Know the return policy and warranty information. Be sure to read any information about returns, exchanges, repairs, and warranties. Gift receipts are an easy way for recipients to return or exchange a gift if it’s not just right, but make sure the item is able to be returned before purchasing.

Happy shopping and don't forget to yourself or your loved one something special this festive season. 



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