Medicare Walker Coverage - YES, Medicare Pays for Walkers

In order for Medicare to cover your walker, some requirements must be met:

  • The patient must suffer from mobility-related limitations on daily living activities, such as eating, bathing, dressing, etc.
  • The condition being addressed by the mobility device must be the exclusive cause of the above limitations, (for example, not by vision or cognition impairments), unless these can be addressed through caregiver support. (Please note: To qualify for a power wheelchair, it must be demonstrated that the added features of this device would be critical in helping the patient perform one or more of the above mobility-related daily living activities.)
  • Simple devices such as a cane, walker or manual wheelchair would not sufficiently address the mobility limitation.
  • The patient demonstrates the ability to operate the device safely. (For a scooter, this includes possessing the necessary strength and postural stability.)
  • The patient’s environment must allow for the use of a power wheelchair or scooter in all places where the mobility-related activities of daily living normally occur (i.e., kitchen, bedroom, bathroom).

Elderly Central does not bill Medicare or other insurance companies directly; however, you may be able to receive up to 80% reimbursement on certain products (read more here).

To secure reimbursement for your purchase from Elderly Central, in cases of eligibility, you will be required to submit a doctor’s prescription for the item ordered; proof of delivery and, in some cases (for Medicare reimbursements), Form 1490.



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