Buying Back Time

“What feels like just a few Monday mornings ago I was peeling my sleep-deprived self off of a plane at the airport, to learn that my father had passed away a few hours before my feet touched the ground. I would not be walking out of arrivals to see him anymore...”

Above was one of the Facebook posts I read a few days ago. A post about how a friend had missed being able to spend the last few hours with her dad. She traveled across continents to be there with him but unfortunately, he had passed just as her airplane had landed. This facebook post made me think of all the people I personally know that have had the same experience.

In fact, my wife got on a plane 3 years ago for the same reason. I remember it vividly as I drove her to the airport in a snowstorm, with our two young kids in the back of the car fast asleep. She too had to cross the Atlantic to see her dad, she too did not get to see her dad for the last time.

It's moment like these that make you realize that time is the one thing that you cannot buy-back, it’s the one thing that no matter how much you wish or pray for, it is just not possible.

It also puts a lot into perspective when you experience something like this. For me it was the perspective that you only have one mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter,... family and, that they may not always be around. It makes you realize that time is finite and that you have to make the most of every moment that you are blessed with.

I had the privilege of being by my moms’ side during her last days on this earth, unlike my friend and my wife.

I traveled 10,000 miles to get back home and spent 36 hours on an airplane. 36 hours that I will never get back, but a journey that I wish I’d made a week or two weeks earlier, in order to have just a bit more time with her.

I’m writing this blog post to relay a personal event that happened to me, my wife, our friend, and to so many of us living in a globalized world where families reside in different states, countries and continents. 

To the readers of this blog, time is something you can’t buy back, use the time you have wisely.

This experience is also one of the reasons we started Elderly Central as both our parents needed many independent living products to help them in their last years. These products were not always as readily available or not shipped right to your door.

These days, we have so many conversations with our customers via our stores' call line, sometimes it's a conversation with someone's mom or dad who  just needs to talk to someone - we are happy to be able to be that someone.


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